Imaging in Stem Cell Transplant and Cell-based Therapy (Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine) 1st ed

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Protein Deimination in Human Health and Disease 2nd ed

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Heart Failure (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology) 1st ed

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This special issue of the Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology on Heart Failure covers the entire spectrum of the field, from the current understanding and definitions of heart failure, to epidemiology and the importance of co-morbidities, clinical trial design and biomarkers, as well as imaging technologies. The main focus of this book is to review current and emerging heart failure therapies and potential targets for treatment.


General ultrasound in the critically ill

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Written by an intensivist familiar with ultrasound, this book describes a new clinical tool: ultrasound for the intensive care and emergency physician. It specifically details findings of immediate clinical relevance throughout its pages. This volume is not only an exhaustive atlas dealing with the most variable aspects of the critically ill patient, but it is above all a guide, a permanent aid in the therapeutic decision.


Atlas of Robotic Prostatectomy

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PET-CT and PET-MRI in Oncology: A Practical Guide (Medical Radiology)

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Over the past decade, PET-CT has achieved great success owing to its ability to simultaneously image structure and function, and show how the two are related. More recently, PET-MRI has also been developed, and it represents an exciting novel option that promises to have applications in oncology as well as neurology. The first part of this book discusses the basics of these dual-modality techniques, including the scanners themselves, radiotracers, scan performance, quantitation, and scan interpretation. As a result, the reader will learn how to perform the techniques to maximum benefit. The second part of the book then presents in detail the PET-CT and PET-MRI findings in cancers of the different body systems. The final two chapters address the use of PET/CT in radiotherapy planning and examine areas of controversy. The authors are world-renowned experts from North America, Europe, and Australia, and the lucid text is complemented by numerous high-quality illustrations.


Breast Cancer: Nuclear Medicine in Diagnosis and Therapeutic Options

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There can never be enough material in the public domain about cancers, and particularly breast cancer. This book adds much to the literature. It provides general information on breast cancer management and considers all new methods of diagnosis and therapy. It focuses on nuclear medicine modalities by comparing their results with other diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The coverage provides readers with up-to-date knowledge on breast cancer as well as information on the advances in the field of diagnosis. It also details data on the development of some new modalities and provides a general overview of the available tools for breast cancer treatment.


Ex Vivo Engineering of the Tumor Microenvironment (Cancer Drug Discovery and Development) 1st ed

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This volume will outline how to recreate the tumor microenvironment, to culture primary tumors without the need for developmental priming factors, and to deliver targeted therapeutics in a manner that recapitulates pharmacokinetics in vivo. Much of what may be learned from this volume will aid in understanding many aspects of the enhanced study of tumor cell biology in a physiologic context, open new avenues for drug screening and biomarker development, and accelerate the preclinical evaluation of novel personalized medicine strategies for patients in real time.


Textbook of Hyperbaric Medicine 6th ed

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Physiologic Anchorage Control: A New Orthodontic Concept and its Clinical Application 1st ed.

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