Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye: Proven Strategies to Improve Your Immune System During Pandemic Times

Immunity Hi, Virus Bye-Bye: Proven Strategies to Improve Your Immune System During Pandemic Times

Turn Your Vulnerability Into Your Greatest Asset


In a world turned on its head by an unprecedented pandemic, your choices, no matter how small, can make a difference.

A time of fear and difficulty can become a time of hope and opportunity. This book will help you make the right choices: to find the positive in negatives; to find hope where it seems lost; and to become the best version of yourself. Your body is the vehicle to make this happen and your immune system is the one thing that protects it.

In this science-based guide, dietician Jorg Wijnen – specialized in disease prevention, immune health, and psychological wellbeing – shows how you can optimize your immune system, naturally, using diet and lifestyle. Through stories, analogies, and real-life examples, will be revealed:

◆ how to prevent a virus infection from occurring in the first place; OR

◆ how to deal with a virus infection more efficiently.

You’ll discover this by learning:

◆ how your immune system works;

◆ how to take care of your immune cells;

◆ what boosts your immune system;

◆ how diet and exercise affect your immune system;

◆ what are the most protective foods;

◆ the essential role of the microbiome and how to nourish it;

◆ what lifestyle factors harm your immune system;

◆ what lifestyle factors protect your immune system;

◆ the best vitamins and minerals for immune support and how much you need;

◆ how weight affects immunity and how to gain a healthy weight without forcing a calorie-restricted diet upon yourself;

◆ how to implement changes and habits that stick; and

◆ how to motivate yourself to successfully achieve your goals.


Take matters into your own hands and start optimizing your immune system, your health and your wellbeing. Straight away. Anything is possible, one step at a time.



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