ECG in Medical Practice 4th Edition

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The fourth edition of ECG in Medical Practice has been fully revised to provide trainees with the latest advances in ECG, helping them recognise, interpret and diagnose cardiac abnormalities. Divided into three sections, the first part presents the basic principles of ECG and normal and abnormal ECG patterns. The following chapters describe ECG changes in different heart diseases, emphasising efficiency and fluency in interpreting the patterns. The final section provides 150 ECG tracings for trainees to practise and interpret on their own. Presented in an easy to read format, with bulleted key points enhanced by pictures to help understanding, this new edition includes even more ECG tracings than the previous edition. Key points Fully revised, new edition helping trainees recognise, interpret and diagnose cardiac abnormalities through ECGCovers normal ECG patterns and ECG abnormalities relating to numerous different cardiac conditionsIncludes 150 ECG tracings for trainees to practisePrevious edition published in 2010


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