Basic Ophthalmology 4th Edition

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This book deals with the basic concepts, fundamentals and recent advances in ophthalmology. It provides guidance on the latest diagnostic approach, operative technique and treatment options. This comprehensive, authoritative and richly illustrated textbook covers basic and clinical principles in ophthalmology to ensure that students will always be able to find the guidance they need to diagnose and manage patient’s ocular problems and also match with the best standards of care. This book discusses traditional and conventional course of visual disorders and explores new contemporary causes generated by modern urban lifestyles like visual display terminal syndrome caused by computer monitor and use of contact lenses. Also covers easy treatment of diabetic retinopathy study for visual rehabilitation. The main objective of the book is that students should relate to the text and content and not merely memorize it mechanically to reproduce it in the examination. 1. Embroyology and Anatomy, 2. Physiology of Vision, 3. Neurology of Vision, 4. Examination of the Eye, 5. Errors of Refraction, 6. The Conjunctiva, 7. The Cornea, 8. The Sclera, 9. The Uveal Tract, 10. The Lens, 11. The Vitreous, 12. Glaucoma, 13. The Retina, 14. The Optic Nerve, 15. Injuries of the Eye, 16. The Ocular Motility and Squint (Strabismus), 17. The Lids, 18. The Lacrimal Apparatus, 19. The Orbit, 20. General Therapeutics, 21. The Causes and Prevention of Blindness, 22. Ophthalmic Instruments.


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