Auto-Immunity Attacks the Body: Autoimmune Disease

Auto-Immunity Attacks the Body will present progressive (acquired) diseases associated with dysfunction of the human immune system characterized by an inability to distinguish between self and nonself-components of body systems. Specifically, multiple sclerosis, graft rejection, and rheumatoid arthritis will be compared and contrasted as examples of this type of diseases. A description of the immune system will highlight the mechanisms by which immunity occurs. It will describe the symptoms of auto-immune disorders, how these symptoms change with progression of the disease, and how these symptoms lead to diagnosis. Links between damage to body systems and immune responses will be described in the context of each disease example, focusing on complications of diagnosing and treating these diseases. Commonalities and differences between the causes of auto-immune diseases will be addressed, stressing the limitations of our understanding of these systems. While there are no cures for auto-immune diseases, this book will describe available treatments for auto-immune disease patients designed to slow progression of the disease, and the importance of early diagnosis in treatment. This book will evaluate the prospects for improved treatments that target immune system functions. The book will conclude with a summary of the main points of the book in a way that connects all of the chapters and points toward the future of auto-immune disease diagnoses, treatments, and potential cures


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