A Comprehensive Guide to the UMAT: Including over 50 example and practice questions with worked answers

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Do you want to pass the UMAT but don’t know where to begin? Are you unsure if it is necessary to spend money on expensive courses just to pass? This book is the perfect place to start. Written by a student who scored in the 100th percentile on all three times sitting the exam, it will assume no starting knowledge and guide you from scratch, progressing right through to exam-level practice questions. Spanning 80 pages, this book will cover: – The basics: What is the UMAT and how is it used for entry to university? – How to prepare and study for the test. – Techniques and tips for exam day. – An overview and study guide for all three sections. – Numerous examples and test-level practice questions with thorough worked answers. For the student who is more familiar with the UMAT, this book will provide excellent practice, with plenty of challenging material to work through and test your skills. After having worked through this book, you will have a clearer idea of how well you will do on the day, which will in turn help you know what to do next in your preparation.



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