Operative Surgery Manual, 1e 1st Edition


This book provides practical guidance on the most common elective and emergency procedures. Each concise chapter follows the same format and contains standardized headings: position, incision, exposure and operative technique, and closure. Numerous illustrations detail the procedures, providing clarity at a glance.

  • Each chapter concisely summarizes a specific operation’s relevant anatomy · patient position · incision · exposure and operative technique · and closure.
  • Illustrations demonstrate the key steps of each procedure.
  • Consistent headings and succinct chapters facilitate rapid review.
  • Coverage includes important procedures such as tracheostomy · breast biopsy · axillary dissection · laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication · hepatectomy · pancreatoduodenectomy · subtotal colectomy and J-pouch reconstruction · carotid endarterectomy · nephrectomy · and many more.
  • http://upsto.re/sQHUyDm

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