K-Taping in Pediatrics: Basics Techniques Indications 1st ed. 2016 Edition

Already integrated successfully in competitive sports, medical treatment and rehabilitation programs, K-Taping therapy offers physical, occupational and speech therapists a wide range of options for the treatment of infants, small children and younger patients. K-Taping can now be integrated into pediatric physiotherapy and speech therapy, aiding in the treatment of a range of conditions including postural defects, deformities of the feet and dysphagia.

About the content

K-Taping in theory

–          The properties, function and mode of action of elastic K-Tape

–          The effects of K-Tape therapy

–          The fundamentals of K-Tape application

–          Contraindications

K-Taping in practice

–          The four major application techniques (muscle, ligament, correction and lymph applications) including common indications in children, and practical examples

–          The appropriate technique for more than 50 medical indications

–          Step by step guidance with photo series, practical tips and alternative applications

About the author

Birgit Kumbrink, founder and medical director of the international K-Taping Academy, Dortmund, Germany and one of the most experienced users and teachers of the treatment method internationally.



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