Management of Abdominal Hernias 4th ed

Management of Abdominal Hernias

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Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer: Surgical Technique and Lymphadenectomy

Laparoscopic Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer: Surgical Technique and Lymphadenectomy

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Laparoscopic Hepatectomy: Atlas and Techniques

Laparoscopic Hepatectomy: Atlas and Techniques

This book introduces laparoscopic surgeries in liver resection using the technique of curettage and aspiration. Surgical procedures, techniques and special instruments are described in this book.  Each step is explained and illustrated with high-quality figures, hand-drawings and videos. This atlas will serve as a step-by-step guide for laparoscopic liver resection.


Techniques in Minimally Invasive Rectal Surgery 1st ed. 2018 Edition

Techniques in Minimally Invasive Rectal Surgery

This title encompass all current minimally invasive rectal procedures for a variety of benign and malignant indications and provides a compendium of the available data supporting each technique. Procedures are represented both photographically as well as through selected video clips. The video clips are hosted online and provide a valuable addition to the utility of the text. The text has a substantial pathologic emphasis delineating the conditions for which each technique is most suited. It includes established procedures such as laparoscopic proctectomy, but also describes novel approaches that are gaining the attention of professionals throughout the world, such as transanal endoscopic approaches that are being viewed as a bridge toward the natural orifice surgical interventions of the future. The first and only volume dedicated exclusively to advanced minimally invasive rectal surgery and will serve as a precious guide for professionals throughout the world.


Hematopathology and Coagulation: Self-Assessment and Board Review 1st Edition

Hematopathology and Coagulation: Self-Assessment and Board Review

A clear understanding of key areas in hematopathology, hematology and coagulation is essential for all trainees preparing to take their American Board of Pathology exams. This text offers a series of increasingly challenging multiple-choice questions and answers designed to help strengthen your knowledge. Question papers cover all areas of study, from red blood cell count and coagulation disorders to hematopoietic neoplasms. Each answer is accompanied by explanations and overviews of associated topics, enabling you to learn from mistakes and to revise effectively.


Practice and Principles in Therapeutic Colonoscopy 1st ed. 2018 Edition

Practice and Principles in Therapeutic Colonoscopy

This book presents state of the art knowledge and guidance on the use of therapeutic colonoscopy for all of the usual indications, including hemostasis for colorectal bleeding, resection of benign and malignant lesions, and decompression and recanalization of obstructed bowel. Technical aspects are covered in detail, with advice on indications and instrumentation and provision of tips and tricks of proven practical value. With respect to polypectomy, separate chapters focus on technique for pedunculated polyps and the choice between endoscopic piecemeal mucosal resection and endoscopic submucosal dissection for large sessile polyps. The closing chapter looks to the future of therapeutic colonoscopy. The clearly written text is supported by numerous helpful illustrations. Over the years, technological developments have markedly increased the therapeutic, as opposed to the diagnostic, role of endoscopy. This book will be an invaluable aid in clinical practice for all who are involved in the performance of therapeutic colonoscopy.


Advances in Endoscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1st ed. 2018 Edition

Advances in Endoscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Advances in Endoscopy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease summarizes the recent progress made in endoscopy, an essential tool for the diagnosis and management of IBD. It goes on to provide an introduction of state-of-the-art endoscopic techniques, as well as an atlas of high-quality endoscopic images of IBD and related diseases. Among others, endoscopy is one of the clinical fields in which Asian countries are leading the way in the management of gastrointestinal disorders. As the number of patients with IBD is dramatically increasing in Asia, quality of patient care has been significantly improved. With diagnosis of intestinal Behcet, simple ulcers, and intestinal tuberculosis, which are unique to the Asian countries, this book offers the ideal standard textbook for IBD endoscopy in all Asian counties, while the superior quality of images also makes it a valuable resource for practitioners around the globe. This book will significantly help all physicians, endoscopists and researchers working on GI endoscopy, especially those focusing on IBD, to improve their knowledge of IBD endoscopy.


Master Techniques in Surgery: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery First Edition

Master Techniques in Surgery: Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery is part of the Master Techniques in Surgery Series, which presents common and advanced procedures in the major subspecialties of general surgery. The series is overseen by Josef E. Fischer, MD, editor of the classic two-volume reference Mastery of Surgery.

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery depicts surgery of the liver, hepatobiliary tree, and pancreas, including cholecystectomy and hepatic resections. Both laparoscopic and open procedures are depicted. The book is written by acknowledged master surgeons, emphasizes surgical procedures, and is lavishly illustrated with original full-color drawings. Each chapter briefly assesses indications, contraindications, and preoperative planning before fully explaining and illustrating the procedure in step-by-step detail. Outcomes, complications, and follow-up are also discussed. Each chapter ends with a brief reference list.


Handbook of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery First Edition

Handbook of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery

A concise yet exhaustive overview of today’s treatment of HPB surgical conditions! Handbook of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Surgery provides expert coverage of medical and surgical management of diseases of the liver, pancreas, and biliary tree.  You’ll find succinct overviews of contemporary approaches to malignant and non-malignant conditions, open and minimally invasive surgical techniques, and imaging of the pancreas and hepatobiliary system.

Key Features

  • Improve your decision-making skills for complex issues associated with pancreatic cancer and cysts, pancreatitis, complications of pancreatic surgery, ultrasound for liver disease, cirrhosis and portal hypertension, neuroendocrine and colorectal metastases to the liver, gallstones, cholesystitis, infections in biliary surgery, and more.
  • Stay up to date with new developments in benign disease conditions such as acute and chronic pancreatitis, bile duct injury and benign bile duct stricture, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and benign liver lesions.
  • Collaborate more effectively with multidisciplinary colleagues regarding diagnosis, evaluation, and operative and non-operative treatment of HPB patients.
  • Easily visualize surgical procedures and concepts with more than 100 illustrations, many in full color.
  • Benefit from the expertise of experts from around the world, all noted authorities in their areas of HPB surgery.
  • Ideal for HPB surgery fellows, general surgeons who may not encounter these conditions in day-to-day practice, residents in training, and practitioners who are involved in interdisciplinary care of HPB patients.

Now with the print edition, enjoy the bundled interactive eBook edition, offering tablet, smartphone, or online access to:

  • Complete content with enhanced navigation.
  • Powerful search tools and smart navigation cross-links that pull results from content in the book, your notes, and even the web.
  • Cross-linked pages, references, and more for easy navigation.
  • Highlighting tool for easier reference of key content throughout the text.
  • Ability to take and share notes with friends and colleagues.
  • Quick reference tabbing to save your favorite content for future use.


Curbside Consultation in Endoscopy: 49 Clinical Questions 2nd Edition

Curbside Consultation in Endoscopy: 49 Clinical Questions

Curbside Consultation in Endoscopy: 49 Clinical Questions has been updated into a Second Edition!

The Second Edition contains new questions and is completely updated!

Curbside Consultation in Endoscopy: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition contains new questions and brief, practical, and evidence-based answers to the most frequently asked questions that are posed during a “curbside consultation” between surgical colleagues.

Dr. Joseph Leung and Dr. Simon Lo have designed this unique reference, which offers expert advice, preferences, and opinions on tough clinical questions and situations commonly encountered in endoscopy.

The unique Q&A format provides quick access to current information related to therapeutic endoscopy with the simplicity of a conversation between two colleagues. Illustrative images, diagrams, and references are included to enhance the understanding of endoscopy.

Some of the questions that are answered:

• What Do People Do for the Treatment of Achalasia These Days? Does it Matter if the Symptoms Are Severe or if the Patient Is Elderly?

• I Had a Difficult Colonoscopy and No Matter What I Tried, I Just Could Not Reach the Cecum. I Maxed Out on IV Sedations and Have No Anesthesiology Support. Can You Help Me?

• A 45-Year-Old Patient With Known Hepatitis C Was Admitted Because of Massive Upper GI Bleeding. What Should I Do?

• A 55-Year-Old Veteran Had a Ruptured Gallbladder and a Difficult Cholecystectomy. Postoperatively, the Patient Had Persistent Bile Leakage Despite Months of Multiple Biliary Stenting. What Can I Do?

• How Do We Manage a Patient With a 10-cm Pseudocyst Who Is Currently Asymptomatic

• What Is a Reliable Method to Estimate the Location of a Lesion Found on Capsule Endoscopy?

Curbside Consultation in Endoscopy: 49 Clinical Questions, Second Edition provides information basic enough for residents while also incorporating expert advice that even high-volume clinicians will appreciate. Gastroenterologists, fellows and residents in training, surgical attendings, and surgical residents will all benefit from the user-friendly and casual format and the expert advice contained within.


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